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A New Understanding of the Natural World

Homeopathy: A New Understanding of the Natural World
Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., has been called The Original Naturopathic Physician. Nutrition, Biological Dentistry, Physical Manipulation, Acupuncture, Ayurvedic body typing, Counseling, Detoxification and much more all fit within the multi-layered system known as "Heilkunst" (in German this means The Medical Art, or "Wholeness-Making"), that Dr. Hahnemann envisioned and practiced the best he could at the time (early 1800s). Hahnemann discovered the science of life energies. 
      E = mc2 This is a way of understanding Life as simultaneously Substance and Energy. Dr. Hahnemann was ahead of his time -- over 100 years before Einstein he developed a dynamic scientific system of thought that led to a more powerful system of cure for Disease by treating people as both Substance and Energy. When used as part of a series of steps taken using the Heilkunst program, many seemingly unrelated approaches can be integrated into an individualized health improvement journey that frees the person to enjoy more vibrant health.
    The multi-dimensional thinking inherent in the practice of homeopathy helps make sense of body and mental symptoms and unseen processes that allopaths don't consider.
Major discoveries that come from this approach to observing life include that there are two kinds of Diseases -- called Tonic (causing mis-tunement) and Pathic (the pathologies created from that mistunement) -- that have been found deep inside of people causing imbalances and inappropriate functioning at all levels. These are the classical homeopathic term of "Miasmatic Diseases", and related diseases that have been recently classed as separate, called "Chthonic Diseases", and arepresent in virtually everyone to some degree until they are removed using homeopathic treatment .
     The information on this page lays out many of the important aspects of this system.stem"
Forum description by Rudi Verspoor, DMH, explaining the need for clarity in exploring what
Dr. Hahnemann began to disclose about the homeopathic phenomenon and how he used
it as part of his complete medical system; with Dr. Wilson's comment about eager
students who seek to know truth. This contains additional description of the Dynamis
within each person and its Sustentive and Generative aspects -- a unique contribution of
Dr. Hahnemann to the science of healing. He began to triturate (grind) and succuss (shake) the medicinal substances, discovering by experiment that the highly diluted remedies were even more potent after they had been succussed... The universe was pervaded by the vital force. Hahnemann was no theoretical mystic; he was a practical experimenter whose reach in these matters exceeded his grasp because he was confronted with material two hundred years before a vocabulary to deal with it had been developed. Even now most of us still operate in a Newtonian, pre- Einsteinian universe, despite the fact that modern physics has revealed its partiality.. "It is only the ignorant vulgar that still look upon matter as dead mass, for from its interior can be elicited incredible and hitherto unsuspected powers...".

Samuel Hahnemann, M.D.
One of many studious observers of nature and humankind. His personal motto:
Aude sapere   ("Dare to Know")
      Homeopathy is not simply an interesting footnote in healthcare history. This dynamic interface between the physical and energy aspects of life is a field for research and clinical application that is integral to the Expanded Paradigm. I have known researchers, clinicians, and CEOs of corporations dealing with the many aspects of homeopathy and its use in health care. Worldwide, there are over two centuries of research and clinical discoveries about this phenomenon that can only be explained in terms of quantum physics and the
dual nature of life (simultaneously Substance and Energy). On this internet site I have written several pages about my understanding of homeopathy, its relationship to Acumeridian Science, autonomic function and recent theoretical possibilities that would help explain how it works, and how it fits into an overall Energy Medicine paradigm of health and health care for both mind and body.
Proposed Comparison of Scientific Discoveries Candace Pert's work on Neurotransmitters
Author of The Molecules of Emotion, her work has been described as postulating "one neurotransmitter for each emotion" Discovery led to major change in biochemistry model of mental health. Continuing to learn how important this is.
Samuel Hahnemann's work with vibrated dilutions
Author of Das Organon Der Heilkunst, his work can be described as postulating "one resonant correspondence between an item (plant, mineral, animal, etc.) and a human state of function (mental, physical)". Led to major change in overall model of physical/mental
health. Removing bondage to fears, leading to new understanding of the landscape of your \ life. Freeing inner healing powers.
Wilhelm Reich, M.D., and experiments which released tremendous energies.
I will place text containing a review of his "Incandescence Experiment" in 1939, that released "pocketsof energy glimmering with an intense blue...". He went on to develop Orgone theory, orgone accumulators, and more.
    The American College of Orgonomy promotes Dr. Reich's work.
Listen to podcasts about Orgone energy and Dr. Reich's work Public Orgonomic Research Exchange: Translations, Orgone accumulator plans, links and testimonials about Orgone energy.
Addressing Opposition to Homeopathy
Because the attacks I have seen against homeopathy are based on incomplete understanding of the physics and physiology involved, and complicated by reaction to enthusiastic promotions of homeopathy by those who have experienced its endorphin-modulating effects, I plan to add to this section.

NOTE 1: Please understand that homeopathic medicines are made by both diluting AND
percussing/vibrating substances. [Mere dilution -- with gentle swirling/stirring of the liquid -- does not result in enhanced healing when given to a patient.] The vibration separates the energy from the substance and the resulting preparation has been called "Energy before Matter" in literature I found from the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst.
NOTE 2: "Classical Homeopathy" often does not work effectively due to inaccurate translations of the insights of Dr. Hahnemann. Accurate practice is being taught at the Hahnemann College for Homeopathy & Heilkunst. I describe their approach as logical application of energy dynamics, as opposed to the almost mystical "one remedy cures all" model that has resulted from incorrect translation of what Hahnemann described.

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